Who doesn’t love some extra cash in their pockets?

I am always on the hunt to find ways to save on my daily expenses – every penny counts!

Here are a few ways/things that I personally enjoy doing to put some money back into my wallet.


I’m sure all of y’all probably heard of Ebates, and if you haven’t.. WHAT?! If you love shopping online, ebates is the platform for you. Ebates is an awesome outlet to help you earn cash back on purchases you make online. They partner with so many companies e.g., Target, Macys, Expedia, Amazon, and so many more! Before making online purchases, make sure you visit Ebates to see if they are offering cash back. Shop through their link and cash back will be added into your account after your purchase!

I recommend downloading the Ebates Cash Back Button. Every time you’re shopping, an ebates button will popup if that store offers cash back!

Use this link below to get $10 for FREE after you spend at least $25!


Download the drop app to get cash rewards for your everyday purchases! How does it work? Link your debit/credit cards, whenever you make a purchase at a qualifying store, points will be added to your account (give it a few days). Redeem Drop points for gift cards at places like Starbucks, Sephora, Amazon, Target, and etc!

Use code: lwu9g for $5 worth of Drop points when you link your first card!


Get cash back when you do your grocery shopping! Before I head out to pick up groceries, I open up my Ibotta app to see if there’s any good cash back offers. If i do see something that I plan to purchase, I add the offer for that store. After shopping, all you need to do is snap a picture of your receipt. The app will match it to the offer you selected and give you the cash! Keep in mind, you do need to reach $20 in order to redeem for cash or gift cards!

Use code: ijsedpg to get started!

These are just a few ways you can start earning cash back/rewards! I hope you find these helpful! Please let me know if you are already using these apps, or if you know of any other cash back apps!

Love, Helen.



Hey there!

After working my Monday through Friday nine to five, I thought it’d be nice to come home and just unwind through writing. Write about anything and everything. Whether it be about travel experiences or food adventures, I hope y’all can join me as we unwind for the night with some light reading!

Love, Helen.